Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Who are you? Who who?

Looking out our new apartment windows, in the North part of Saint John, we get a view of the city line...tall buildings, a bridge and a ton of lights. Heather and I have had a rough evening in a funny sense. Usually the evenings flow by, but this evening is immensely different. Nothing has been planned. I made dinner (which was super yummy and healthy) early. It was ready when Heather got home from work, at like 4:30pm. We ate, fed Jorja and then took off for the park. When we left the park it was just before 6pm. Now we sit here, trying to watch horrible prime time TV shows and amuse ourselves. TIME IS GOING SO SLOW...this is not a bad thing though, because she and I get to laugh at each other as we think of stupid things to do and say. Just a few moments ago, I chased her to the bathroom made her dance for me as if I was Mia Michaels. She looked "special". Special is a funny word. At my wedding my mom gave a speech and the amount of times that she said "Jeannie was a special girl" made me feel like I had a social disorder or something. Which I do not have, although I am an awkward person at times. Anyway, back to Heather's dance...picture the scarecrow mixed with the tin man from Wizard Of OZ...that was Heather. Except she has a heart and a brain. Also through out the evening, Heather has been singing the same two lines from the same Jennifer Knapp song, "Sing Mary sing...Lullaby the king..." That's all she knows and when there is nothing to be said, she sings it. I find it hilarious.

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