Thursday, June 17, 2010

A blog a day...

So I am making it a goal to do one blog a day until I am a legal resident of Canada. Heather and I have a lot of paperwork to do and money to save up before then, so it will be a lot of blogging for me. I am someone who loves to read blogs, but never finds the words to truly write what I want to say at any given moment. Part of my goal to blog more also means reading more, because I can't blog about nothing and my life will quickly get boring to read about. As in my last post, I will google a word or phrase or scripture or theological idea or something and then reflect on it. Sounds simple, now I just have to stay motivated to do so.

Today the phrase I googled was "naked truth". I must of read a book title or something somewhere for me to just come up with it. I guess I was hoping to get some insight on the truths of life in a raw perspective. Immediately the first website had something to do with adult entertainers. Go figure. A few links below that one, had pictures of adult entertainers. Lil' Kim has an album called "The Naked Truth". Leslie Neilson from Naked Gun has a memoir called "The Naked Truth". Jenny McCarthy wrote a book called "Belly Laughs: Naked Truth about Pregnancy and Childbirth"...other than that I did not find what I thought I would. Bummed and now without words.

Naked Truth to me is the truth that has no fluff surrounding it. It is a statement that there is no denying. Its raw and real. Its concrete. I know that this is a random blog...that's what I get when google-ing for ideas. Haha. Maybe it will be more insightful tomorrow.

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